Welcome to Fisher Farms

As a visitor to our site, we're happy to offer you a great look into Fisher Farms and what we have to offer at our three Portland-area nurseries. Fisher Farms is a 360 acre nursery offering over 1200 different varieties of plants. Premium quality with exceptional customer service!

What do we specialize in? We are the West Coast source for branded plant products as well as the staple plant varieties. The branded programs feature the newest varieties from breeders around the world. In addition, advertising and marketing support from the brands further enhance your displays and the consumer demand.

Be sure to visit regularly to see our latest featured products! Contact Us with any questions.

Our current availability will be inaccessible to you if you have not yet registered as a Wholesale Customer. However, we've provided a short, convenient reservation form that you can fill out and electronically submit to gain access to the product availability link.